Advanced Technology

At Oakton Family Dentistry, our technological advancements and abilities are only one of the many qualities that set us apart from the competition! When you visit us, you can experience dentistry that is more precise, gentle, fast, and efficient. Our methods allow us to gather a better understanding of your smile health and map out any particular issue’s diagnosis, underlying causes, and treatment plans – all before many other practices would even notice a problem!

When combining technology with dentistry, we are able to achieve better results and preserve the health of our patients. By discovering and treating problems as early as possible, as well as offering services and solutions you won’t find elsewhere, it’s hard to find a practice that cares more or serves you better than Oakton Family Dentistry!

3D Cone Beam

Our three-dimensional cone-beam x-ray produces a high-resolution, interactive mapping of your entire skull structure – including the jawbone, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and all of your teeth. With this imaging, we are able to identify abnormalities, visualize the oral cavity at any angle, and plan the positioning for dental implants. 

This can be useful throughout many areas of dentistry and may even be included next time you visit us! You can typically expect a cone beam x-ray when you visit us for the following:

  • Wisdom tooth tracking
  • Emergency exam for tooth fracture
  • Placement planning during implant consultation
  • Evaluating tooth orientation or jaw structure

Digital Impressions

Say goodbye to messy dental paste and hello to the future of dentistry! Our practice uses digital impressions to create highly accurate models for your orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, dentures, or custom-made dental crowns. 

We use an intraoral camera, which is a small electronic scanner about the size of a pen. We place the tool inside your mouth and slowly move it around the teeth, gums, and around the oral cavity to capture an impression of your unique anatomy. 

Digital X-rays

Digital dental x-rays are essential tools used for monitoring the oral health condition over time; digital x-rays are able to diagnose abnormalities and detect weak points in the enamel. They can also find cavities in areas that are difficult to see – between the teeth, for example! Provided as a part of every preventative care visit, x-rays allow us to stay ahead of developing conditions such as tooth decay, wisdom tooth impaction, tumor development, bone loss, and tooth infections.

As a vast improvement from traditional x-rays, digital x-ray machines are able to produce quicker and clearer images while generating up to 90% less radiation! Overall, x-rays are incredibly safe and very beneficial in the field of dentistry. 

Soft Tissue Laser

Utilizing laser technology in dentistry makes many treatments and services more comfortable for our patients – even capable of boosting recovery times! 

Using a soft tissue laser in our office, we are able to treat gum disease by removing infected tissue and eliminating disease-causing bacteria. The laser can also be employed to contour the gum tissue, collect a tissue sample, and even treat blisters caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). 

Rather than using other methods that involve scalpels and sutures, lasers promote faster healing, cause less discomfort and swelling, and reduce trauma to surrounding tissues.


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