Professional Teeth Whitening in Fairfax

Brighten Your Smile

You don’t need to live with the discomfort or self-consciousness caused by discolored teeth with KöR whitening solutions.

Teeth whitening is a fantastic method that is capable of quickly producing smile-enhancing results. While it may be tempting to pick up a product at the store to whiten your smile, these products are generally ineffective—and what’s worse is that they can actually damage your tooth enamel!

Our in-office and at-home whitening treatments are effective, consistent, and provide long-lasting results. KöR Teeth Whitening is one of the leading teeth whitening systems on the market. Our team at Oakton Family Dentistry helps our patients restore their smiles and feel more confident with professional teeth whitening in Fairfax.

Getting Started

About KöR Whitening

To best fit your busy schedule, we offer teeth whitening by two separate methods.


Simply wear the gel and bleaching tray each night for two weeks. Just let the system do all the work while you sleep! You can use any remaining gel to maintain your sparkling smile in the future.


Beginning with one visit to our office, you can kickstart your whitening process! See results from day one and continue wearing your gel and bleaching tray at home over the next two weeks. Use any remaining gel to repeat the treatment at home as necessary.

Brighten Your Smile

Enjoy a comfortable treatment and long-lasting results with KöR Teeth Whitening.

Our practice trusts KöR Teeth Whitening to deliver the results that patients are seeking by whitening the smile up to 16 shades over the course of treatment! Not only that, but KöR is one of the most comfortable methods available today.

To begin the whitening process, patients place the KöR gel into a special bleaching tray and slip it over their teeth. This gel works by penetrating the tooth’s enamel and breaking down stains and discoloration at a cellular level.

What to Expect

KöR Teeth Whitening provides easy-to-use solutions with effective results.

The KöR system provides solutions based on your desired results and that fit into your lifestyle. We provide safe-to-use at-home kits that are more effective than other over-the-counter strips or gels. It’s also possible to combine in-office treatments with an at-home routine to fully maximize your results.

KöR Teeth Whitening is a potent gel with a tray designed to prevent contamination with saliva, allowing it to work longer compared to other systems.

If you’re starting with an in-office treatment, you’ll come in for your appointment, and we’ll apply the whitening tray. Then you’ll continue to use the KöR at-home kit every night for 2 weeks after.

Say Hello to a Beautiful Smile

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