Sleep Apnea Treatments in Fairfax

Oral Appliance Therapy

A custom-made device can help you breathe easier and rest better at night. Oakton Family Dentistry is DreamSleep certified and ready to help.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious health condition that causes your breathing to repeatedly stop throughout the night because your airway is blocked. As a result, you’re unable to rest properly and can suffer from lack of sleep.

When you visit us for sleep apnea treatments in Fairfax, we’ll create a custom dental appliance for you to wear while you sleep to ensure you’re getting the quality rest you need.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that impacts a patient’s ability to breathe properly once they fall asleep.

The cause is most commonly associated with a passive muscle response as the body begins to relax. When this happens, the tongue falls back into the mouth, blocking the airway. This can lead to waking up repeatedly throughout the night as well as headaches due to inadequate oxygen supply to the brain.

It is necessary to visit a sleep specialist to diagnose this condition. Once the presence of sleep apnea is confirmed, you can count on our team to determine a treatment solution!

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How We Help

With proper care from the team at Oakton Family Dentistry, you can find relief from sleep apnea and its related symptoms.



Sore throat & dry mouth



Insomnia & hypersomnia

What to Expect

Our custom-made devices are portable, discreet, and easy-to-use.

While some sleep apnea patients may require surgical intervention or a CPAP machine, we find that most cases can be resolved by a simple oral device.

Oakton Family Dentistry offers DreamSleep, a custom-fitted oral appliance, to be worn while you sleep. The mouthpiece works by slightly bringing your lower jaw forward to open the airway. This ensures that you receive sufficient oxygen and get quality sleep each night.

We take an impression of your teeth before creating your device, then we make sure it’s fitted correctly before sending you home.

Achieve Your Dream Sleep

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