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Oral Surgery in Fairfax

The Skill to Handle Complex Oral Health Needs

Oakton Family Dentistry’s licensed staff includes Doctors of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) and/or Doctors of Dental Surgery (DDS).

Our team’s extended training sets us apart, including a Master of the Academy General Dentistry (MAGD) mastership and a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD). Our staff numbers among the Top Dentists in Northern Virginia!

Oral Surgery Overview

We offer both general dentistry services and the ability to conduct complex oral and maxillofacial surgery.

From dental implants, complex tooth extractions, and bone grafting, to soft tissue biopsies, tumor removal, and complex jaw realignment/fracture repair, our surgical skills, advanced equipment, and constant training on the latest techniques ensure your oral health.

Types of Oral Surgery in Fairfax

Dental implants

Bone grafts

Wisdom tooth extractions

Impacted teeth

Soft tissue biopsy

Tumor extraction

Corrective jaw surgery

Jawbone repair

Periodontal surgery


Facial oral reconstruction

Obstructive sleep apnea 

How Oral Surgery at Oakton Family Dentistry Works

After your dental exam discovers possible issues, we’ll make a second exam with the team member who specializes in that area of concern.

We may include extra X-rays to fully analyze the problem. Once the prognosis is confirmed, our team will present an appropriate course of action for you to look over and approve.

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What to Expect

Your surgery will be conducted by a highly skilled, licensed Oakton Family Dentistry oral surgeon. Our commitment to your care and your healing is unparalleled.

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Why We’re Your Choice for Oral Surgery in Fairfax


Only about 2% of dentists gain their MAGD, and only about 6% of dentists earn their FAGD. We offer both of these hallmarks of excellence!


Our team at Oakton Family Dentistry is guided by the principles of excellence, continuous improvement, and kindness in all that we do as a practice.


Over 900 5-star reviews prove our dedication to our community’s satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Confidence for Your Oral Surgery

Healthy smiles happen every day at Oakton Family Dentistry.