Dental Implants

Making the decision to restore your smile with dental implants is truly a life-changing experience – and it’s one that we are delighted to be a part of! 

At Oakton Family Dentistry, we take pride in our work and find dentistry immensely fulfilling when we have the chance to give patients their smiles back. With dental implants, replacing missing teeth is much easier and more natural than ever before; rather than simply resting an appliance upon the gum line, implants are embedded into your jawbone and become a part of your anatomy. 

Unlike dentures or bridges, implants work to preserve your jawbone, promote healthy bone growth, and provide better function and security – not to mention, implants look and feel great too! Once placed, they are designed to last a lifetime, with only the restorative piece (the crown or bridge) requiring replacement over the years.

Are you ready to smile again with an appliance that’s just as dependable and blendable as a natural tooth? Contact our Fairfax, VA, office today, and we will get you started with a consultation! 

Single Implants

A single dental implant is one of the options we offer at our practice. Designed to replace a single missing tooth, this implant is composed of three separate pieces that work together to mimic the natural tooth structure; these pieces are as follows:

  • Implant post – The implant post is a small titanium rod that is embedded into the jawbone. Over time, this component becomes bonded to the surrounding bone tissue – making it as stable as a natural tooth root.
  • Abutment – The abutment acts as a connecting piece between the implant (below the gum line) and the crown (atop the gums)! Once the abutment has been secured to the implant, the crown is cemented to the abutment to secure all pieces together.
  • Dental crown – This custom-made component is the one that you will likely become most familiar with! The dental crown will allow you to properly chew your favorite foods again and smile with confidence. The crown is created to blend with surrounding teeth in color, shape, and size. Once placed, no one will be able to tell that it’s not a real tooth!

Implant-Supported Bridges

An implant-supported bridge is another one of our options utilized to span the gap of multiple missing teeth in a sequence. Similar to a traditional bridge, the only difference here is that the bridge appliance is supported by dental implants rather than your natural teeth!

  • We will begin by placing an implant on either side of your tooth gap.
  • Once these two implants are placed and healed, they will have abutments connected. Abutments give the bridge a secure foundation for attachment.
  • We will create a custom-made bridge that blends with the rest of your smile and fits comfortably within the gap.
  • The bridge will be placed by aligning the two crowns on either side of the bridge with the two abutments on the outside of the gap. The bridge will be secured and cemented to the abutment for ensured security and stabilization.

Something To Smile About

You have spent far too long hiding your smile, avoiding your favorite foods, and not living your life to the fullest. It’s time for a change! When you visit our office for your implant procedure, our team will make you feel comfortable and confident with your decision. When you partner with us, you’ll be welcomed with warm smiles, served with attentive care, and you’ll feel like you’re reuniting with an old friend. These are the feelings we want for you when you begin this exciting journey.

Deciding to restore your smile with dental implants can truly change your life. Let us be a part of that! Call our office today to schedule your consultation to begin the process.

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